Our Expertise

General and Commercial Litigation

Storey & Gough has been involved in litigation practice since the 1950’s. We have acted in a significant number of commercial disputes involving substantial damages and claims. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration has on many occasions lead to a resolution of these disputes without proceeding to a full hearing. Such an approach is cost effective and results are obtained in a timely fashion. Our expertise allows such matters to be fast tracked to ensure the overall costs are kept to a minimum.

We represent clients in a number of jurisdictions including the Federal Court, Supreme Court, the High Court of Australia, the Land and Environment Court, the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Independent Commission Against Corruption and other tribunals.

We put in place a strategy to fight hard for our clients to achieve a successful outcome and are not afraid to represent our clients’ interests as strongly as possible in their cases.