Our Expertise


The purchase of a house, land or home unit is one of the most significant financial decisions one can make in a lifetime. The legal process to investigate and transfer the title to you on a purchase is called a conveyance.

The process is often regarded as a simple one, however, many potential problems can arise during the course of the transaction, be it affectations on title or problems with finance following exchange of contracts.

Our solicitors and conveyancers are trained to review the potential difficulties that may arise through contractual problems and title issues together with the lender requirements and the mortgage wording – which then results in the final settlement of the transaction at the conclusion of the matter.

We are also available to be called upon to address the intricate questions involved in an extensive conveyancing matter.

It is important to emphasise that a conveyance transaction is not simply a mechanical process, but rather a process which requires a deep understanding of contractual disputes that can arise from time to time.

In addition to the services we have outlined in the Property section of our firm website, Storey & Gough also provides:

  • The conveyance of land and buildings
  • Pre-contractual advice and assistance
  • Preparation of contracts for transfer documents
  • Advice about real estate documentation
  • Advice on application for loans
  • Advice concerning mortgagee documentation and guarantees
  • Post settlement matters to ensure title is transferred
  • Practical advice in relation to the timing of the move and the move itself
  • The procedures involved in a conveyance transaction and the practical consequences should one of the parties in a long chain of matters “go off the rails”